Carrie Underwood’s vertical garden wall offers a new way to display (and grow) plants – in all conditions

Carrie Underwood

The country music capital Nashville, Tennessee, offers everything singer Carrie Underwood could want in her career – but its humid subtropical climate is less ideal for growing greenery. However, in her case, this doesn’t matter.

‘[I] got one of these thingies from Gardyn… I’m impressed. I don’t have any affiliation with the company… [I] just wanted to be able to grow some things indoors when it’s cold out! [It] didn’t take long for things to look like this,’ Carrie says via Instagram.

The result (below) is a vertical garden wall – filled with edible greenery – that no doubt tastes as good as it looks. It’s no surprise, therefore, that gadgets such as this are increasing in popularity – in all climates.


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‘As the cost of food increases and people look to reduce waste, there is going to be a big increase in the number of people growing their own fruit and veg at home,’ says smart gardener and co-founder of POTR Pots(opens in new tab) Andrew Flynn.
‘Hydroponic farming [including the Gardyn(opens in new tab) system Carrie uses] is the most sustainable way of growing food at home. It’s a vertical farming system that allows people to grow plants in small, indoor spaces using just water.’

Andrew says that vertical farming has enjoyed a surge in Japan and the Netherlands – but developers are working to create ‘easy-to-use products’ in the US and UK – making the growing process ‘extremely simple’.

‘If they manage to nail that, then we could find ourselves in a hydroponics boom by the end of 2023.’
With its similarity to the on-trend living wall, this concept is as practical as it is aesthetic – so it’s easy to see why our senior content editor, Holly Crossley, mirrors Andrew’s sentiments.

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