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Country music superstar Carrie Underwood needs to have a guest role on ‘The Walking Dead.’ Pretty sure she’d give Negan a run for his money…

It’s well documented that Carrie Underwood is a superfan of AMC’s television series The Walking Dead. Back in February, the country star was even a special guest on the Talking Dead, the follow-up show that discusses the captivating storyline and character development of the popular program.

So when this piece of fan art was shared on Instagram, Carrie found it especially hilarious.

Yes, that’s totally an image from her “Before He Cheats” days. We think the super athletic star could give Negan and his weapon of choice, “Lucille,” a real challenge. (Pretty sure Carrie’s baseball bat would be named “Louise.”)

By the way, if a zombie outbreak does occur, Carrie has already recruited fellow country superstar Luke Bryan to join her tight-knit survival group. Carrie’s husband Mike Fisher‘s hockey stick skills would certainly be perfect for clearing out hoards of the undead. We’d also like to see butt-kicking Texan Miranda Lambert join Carrie’s zombie-slaying crew.

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The Walking Dead spin-off Fear the Walking Dead takes place in Los Angeles— a Nashville-based show would be pretty incredible too. Or maybe Rick and his group of survivors just need to ditch Alexandria, Virginia for good and head out west to find useful allies in Music City? Just sayin’.

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