Carrie Underwood’s son thinks she’s 70 years old and her job is to “wash the laundry”

Carrie Underwood

Preschoolers across America are often asked to fill out Mad Lib-style stories about their families. Most three and four-year-olds have little to no knowledge about what their parents’ adult lives are really like, and these projects often turn out to be a comical snapshot into the mind of a child. And there’s no exception for the children of famous people, as Carrie Underwood shared on Thursday.

Underwood posted a photo of her 4-year-old son’s school project. As customary, Isaiah was asked by his preschool teachers some questions about his mom – and boy, does he not know her well.

Isaiah’s worksheet shows he thinks his famous mother is 70 years old and her job is to “wash the laundry.”

Isaiah got many things correct about his mom. She’s blonde, brown-eyed and always says “I love you.” She also likes watching TV with him – oh, and she’s really good at folding laundry.

Like most parents in this situation, Underwood couldn’t help but laugh at her son’s perception of her. “Soooo…apparently I’m 70 and I’m really good at doing the laundry,” she wrote on Instagram.

Apparently, doing laundry makes Underwood a lot of money. She was number 46 out of 100 on Forbes’ list of highest-paid entertainers in 2013. However, her source of income that year was likely her 2012 album, “Blown Away” – not her laundry service. “Blown Away” won an AMA, its titular single won two Grammys and Underwood extended her 2013 tour for the successful album.

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She’s released three hit albums since then, for a total of seven. Despite her major musical accomplishments, Isaiah thinks she’s just an ordinary mom.

Fellow moms wrote words of encouragement to Underwood – who is really 36, not 70. Many applauded the seven-time Grammy winner for still doing her kids’ laundry “like the rest of us.”

“You’ve done a great job. He doesn’t see you as a singer…he sees you as his Mom,” one commenter wrote on Instagram.

“I love that he thinks that’s your job….you’re his mom doing the laundry and not a famous singer,” another person posted. “It means you’re definitely doing something right. That makes my heart smile.”

Isaiah’s school project resonated with many because it’s so typical – he’s both clueless, and sweet. At the bottom of the page, the last question Isaiah answered about his mom is what she would like to do if she had time. “Ride horses,” he said.

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