Carrie Underwood’s rarely-seen son is her ‘special garden helper’ in adorable photo from 400-acre Nashville home

Carrie Underwood

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Carrie Underwood’s decision to renovate her epic garden, which she has been keen on sharing the progress of, is already paying off.

The star lives in a 400-acre mansion in Nashville, Tennessee, with her husband of 13 years, Mike Fisher, and their two sons, Isaiah, eight, and Jacob, four.

The country singer has taken fans along on the progress of the garden, its new greenhouse plus everything that it is already producing, and it seems that aside from her, her youngest is enjoying it the most.
Carrie took to Instagram over the weekend to share the latest incredible bounty from the garden, sharing a photo of herself from inside her wood and marble kitchen, smiling ear-to-ear as she holds up a massive bunch of a variety of vegetables.

Detailing all that she gathered, she wrote in her caption: “Today’s garden haul… beets, carrots, snap peas, radishes, yellow squash and kale…”

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She also shared a photo of her adorable little garden helper, Jacob, showing off his green thumb – ready as ever sporting rain boots no less – as he poured water over a garden bed full of towering kale stalks.


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“All veggies taste better when I have a special garden helper working by my side!” the mom-of-two endearingly wrote.
Going into detail about her latest garden haul, she also said: “One of the reasons I LOVE growing beets is because we can eat every part of the beet. Of course, the beet roots themselves are delicious, but I use the greens in salads and the stems in smoothies or chopped up in a sautéed veggie medley or stir fry… nothing wasted!”

Carrie’s fans have grown used to seeing her either on stage or in her garden
Fans were seriously impressed with both her and her son’s green thumbs, and wrote in the comments section under the post: “Look at that sweet helper!” and: “I guess we can add a green thumb to your long list of talents!” as well as: “As if you are not amazing enough! This is so encouraging!!!”

Carrie and her husband bought their Franklin area home in 2011 for $3 million, and it features not only the expansive garden, but also a private lake and horse stables.