Carrie Underwood’s husband Mike Fisher gets her the most peculiar Christmas gift

Carrie Underwood’s husband recently gifted her the most unusual Christmas present and fans couldn’t stop doing double takes after hearing about “how much” she loves it.

The Grammy award winning singer spilled the beans behind her husband’s rather unusual Christmas present during an appearance on ET Canada.

There she exclaimed, “He got me cows, which is what I wanted. They’re my favorite animal. I love them, they make me so happy.”

While many may be surprised to see a Hollywood A-lister liking a cow for Christmas, Underwood made it clear that “I don’t want them for any purpose, just to love them.”

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Even though the singer is excited about the gift she did admit that she’s incredibly “awful” at reciprocating the favor. “I’m actually not a good gift-giver… I will tell my husband like, ‘Don’t get me anything,’ because that means I have to get him something. I’m so awful!”

WATCH Get to Know Carrie Underwood’s Husband ( Mike Fisher ) VIDEO BELOW:

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