Carrie Underwood’s Husband Bought Her Some Cows for Christmas

The country singer clarified, “I don’t want them for any purpose, just to love them.”

Christmas has come early for Carrie Underwood who revealed her husband already bought her present—her own herd of cattle.

Speaking to ET Canada to promote her new Christmas album and HBO Max special, the country star revealed that her retired hockey player husband, Mike Fisher, is helping her turn their home into a bonafide farm. “He got me cows, which is what I wanted! I love cows. They’re my favorite animal,” she enthused. “I love them, they make me happy.” She clarified that the cattle are merely for her own personal enjoyment, and won’t be put towards any practical use. “I don’t want them for any purpose,” she said, “just to love them. I have two little calves in our front pasture area. Now, we’re just working on them not being scared of us.”

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But while Fisher knocked it out of the park with Underwood’s present this year, the singer confessed she’s not quite as skilled at guessing what he might want. “I’m actually not a good gift-giver,” she told the outlet. “I will tell my husband like, ‘Don’t get me anything’ because that means I have to get him something. I’m so awful! I’ve got the kids covered, but any other thing I’m like, ‘Can we just draw for presents?’” However, this year with the pandemic keeping her and her two sons at home, she added she’s finally had enough time to buy Fisher and her kids presents and decorate the house ahead of the holidays.

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