Carrie Underwood’s ‘Garden Haul’ Leaves our Mouths Watering

Carrie Underwood

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Carrie Underwood recently took to Instagram to share her major “garden haul,” and it will leave your mouth watering. In a photo posted to the social media network, Underwood shared a picture of herself holding a pile of vegetables from her garden. It’s clear that the country music superstar has a talent green thumb, as her veggies are looking especially delicious.

“Today’s garden haul…beets, carrots, snap peas, radishes, yellow squash and kale,” Underwood wrote in the caption. “One of the reasons I LOVE growing beets is because we can eat every part of the beet. Of course, the beet roots themselves are delicious, but I use the greens in salads and the stems in smoothies or chopped up in a sautéed veggie medley or stir fry…nothing wasted!” She also added some other pictures of her garden, including one of her younger son, Jacob Bryan, helping her out. “Also, all veggies taste better when I have a special garden helper working by my side,” The doting mom exclaimed


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Underwood’s post has garnered a lot of attention from her Instagram followers, with one person quipping, “Carrie Carrie quite contrary, how does your garden grow?? With denim & rhinestones & dirt!” Someone else added, “You know your a good artist when you make great beets hehe.” One last fan wrote, “Your vegetables look so good! It’s very satisfying to grow your own, and a great learning experience for your boys!!! It’s a win for all!”

Just a couple weeks earlier, Underwood shared another garden haul photo, joking that she’d previously “swore I’d never try to grow carrots again after a couple failed attempts…but here we are!” She continued, “Feels so good to grow things… hoping the [Epic Gardening] folks see this and feel just as excited and proud as I do about my greenhouse goodies!”
Underwood’s reference to the Epic Gardening Instagram page is notable, as the group previously helped her prepare the greenhouse where she grows her veggies. In her post, the singer shared a video collage of photos from the big build. “Obsessed with my new greenhouse. THANK YOU [Epic Gardening] for being so kind and helping set everything up so perfectly,” Underwood wrote in the caption on the Instagram post.