Carrie Underwood’s future was close to being without husband Mike Fisher – surprise turn of events revealed

Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher have been a power couple in the country music scene since their fairytale Georgia wedding in 2010.

However, their love story almost didn’t end up happening at all, according to the singer, 40, in a recent interview, in which she admired his drive to meet her.

While making her debut on The Howard Stern Show in early May, she opened up about first meeting her husband, with whom she shares two sons, Isaiah, eight, and Jacob, four.
She revealed that she and the former Canadian hockey player first met in 2008, but only after several unsuccessful tries on Mike’s part.

In the interview, she explained that her bassist was responsible for making their introduction, as they knew each other through common friends, although that didn’t go smoothly at first.

“He wanted to meet Carrie behind stage at the Opry and I didn’t allow it,” he revealed, explaining that Mike tried on a few occasions to actually meet Carrie while she was performing, but he was quite protective of her.

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“He kept trying,” the singer’s bandmate quipped, to which Carrie slyly added: “Persistence, as the reason for their eventual first encounter.

She recalled that he drove from Ottawa to Toronto to catch a show of hers, after which they finally met, but for the first few months, their conversations remained limited to their phones.

“We met in October and then we talked on the phone for a few months before we went out on our first date,” she explained, admitting they “didn’t have a choice” as their busy schedules kept them apart.

“But it was good,” she added. “It laid some foundation just talking on the phone, and neither one of us are talkers – we are very comfortable in silence and I’m comfortable in life with silence.”

Talking about their first date, Carrie revealed that she had to invite herself along to a party Mike’s former NHL team, the Ottawa Senators, was throwing. And it’s a good thing she did as it’s where the couple enjoyed their first kiss.

Carrie recalled: “It was New Year’s Eve, and it was a team party and I actually invited myself… he moved slow, he moved very slow, and I was like, ‘You know, New Year’s Eve is coming up, are you doing anything?’ and he said, ‘There’s a team party,’ and I said, ‘Do you need a date?'”

Carrie Underwood sons

When Howard asked if that was where the couple shared their first kiss, Carrie admitted it was and called it “romantic.”

Their relationship moved quickly after that and they became engaged just over a year later and were married nine months after at the Ritz-Carlton Reynolds Plantation, a former hunting plantation turned five-star resort in Georgia.

Carrie was also asked by Howard if Mike finds it “hard” to be married to her because of her superstar status, to which she replied: “I don’t think so because it’s not like he did nothing. He made his [worth] and he worked hard at what he did for 20 years.

“He was playing and I was touring, it was craziness when we were both doing what we do.” Mike eventually retired from professional hockey in 2018.