Carrie Underwood’s ‘freak’ accident which left her needing 40 stitches in her face

Carrie Underwood

Her face is known around the world, having graced billboards and magazine covers over the years.

But the singer was dealt a difficult blow when she suffered a frightening accident which left her needing 40-50 stitches above her lip.
Back in November 2017, Carrie fell at her home while walking her dogs, broke her wrist and caused massive injury to her face.
She was rushed to hospital where she received urgent care and warned fans that she “might look a bit different”.

Carrie took a break from the stage and said it knocked her confidence as well as leaving her unable to sing.
“I had wanted to be in the studio sooner than I was, actually recording these songs, but I had stitches inside my mouth, outside my mouth,” she told Vulture magazine. “It was physically impossible.”


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Speaking about the exact nature of the accident, Carrie told The Bobby Bones podcast: “I was taking the dogs out and I just, I tripped. There was one step and I didn’t let go of the leashes. Priorities!

“So that’s why my left hand’s fine. But I went to catch myself and I just missed a step. If I had fallen anywhere else, I would have been perfectly fine. But it was one step that messed everything up.”
She also needed surgery on her wrist days after her fall. At the time she updated fans on social media and wrote: “I just wanted let everyone know that I’m doing great. Had surgery on my wrist yesterday & all went well…even though I’ll be setting off airport metal detectors from now on.


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Carrie was thankful to make a full recovery

“I’m so thankful for the doctors, nurses, family & friends who’ve been taking such great care of me.”

Carrie spent several months out of the spotlight as she recovered. Although her scar is barely visible now, the mom-of-two told Today’s Hoda Kotb, that she wasn’t sure how bad it would be.

“In the beginning, I didn’t know how things were going to end up. It just wasn’t pretty.”

She added: “I have a dedicated team of professionals who can spackle and paint and paste. Every day I’m feeling a little more back to normal.”

Five years on and Carrie says she “feels great” and there’s very little evidence of the frightening experience.