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Enjoy watching this video about Carrie Underwood’s new home and why this house could truly become Carrie and Mike’s forever home. . .

Carrie Underwood’s forever home has over 300 acres to roam and is perfect for kids, horses and Carrie’s three dogs. In an interview with Country Living, Carrie Underwood discussed her desire to put down permanent roots and her dream home requirements. The “Forever Home” is being planned on a stunning 300-acre + stretch near Nashville (outside of Franklin, TN). Carrie Underwood and her husband, Mike Fisher, have discussed plans with magazines and also gave Oprah a tour of their property and planted an Oak tree dedicated to Oprah back in 2012. The new home on the property was completed in 2018 and Carrie and her family moved in. Mike and Carrie gave Oprah a full tour of their property and discussed plans for raising horses and cattle on the property. Oprah’s tree is planted on a high ridge where the couple plans to have a picnic area.

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“My husband, Mike [Fisher], and I are designing our ‘forever’ home,” she told the Country Living magazine in an article called “9 Things Carrie Underwood Can’t Live Without.” “My must-haves are a wood-burning fireplace, a porch swing and rocking chairs,” the songstress adds. Since the superstar insists on taking care of her own laundry— even while on tour— we’re sure a tricked out laundry room will also make the wish list. Watch this video for a quick four of the new home and property.

Since moving in in 2018, the couple has been keeping the new property very private. Carrie has not released any tours of the inside of the new home and mostly shares outdoor pictures with the horses. We hope this beautiful property and home truly does become the forever home for Carrie and her family.

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