Carrie Underwood’s Evening Routine With Husband Mike Fisher Is Marriage Goals

Carrie Underwood

Move over, #NetflixAndChill! Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher’s nighttime routine might be our new favorite couple bonding activity. The country superstar and undeniably busy mother-of-two opened up in a new interview about how she manages to carve out quality time with her hockey player husband of 10 years — and what they do during the quiet moments they manage to steal every evening.

Between being one of country music’s biggest stars, an entrepreneur (she created the popular athleisure line Calia) and a mom, Underwood doesn’t have a lot of wiggle room in her agenda. Still, in a new interview with Parade, she revealed that she prioritizes time alone with Fisher. Accordingly, their sons Isaiah, 4, and Jacob,1, have a strict 8 p.m. bedtime. “I put the kids down and we sit and watch Investigation Discovery or something and drink wine,” she shared, adding, “It’s all my life. It all flows and goes together.”

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It goes without saying that Underwood’s lifestyle and schedule aren’t exactly the norm. Having said that, most of us can relate to the struggle of trying to figure out where in our hectic lives we can squeeze in being just a partner. Not a mom, not an employee, but fully present with our significant others. And TBH, Underwood and Fisher’s nighttime routine sounds pretty perfect.

Of course, just being a working mom-of-two means Underwood is used to playing real-life Tetris to figure out how to make everything fit. “You have to juggle and balance and work around school programs. I like making lunch for my kid and then I’ve gotta do a photoshoot. It’s like many working moms, only my jobs a little more random,” she said.

It’s been through connecting with her fans who face the same working mom scenarios that Underwood has really come to understand motherhood is a unique yet shared experience.

“We all have our things,” she told Parade. “We all have our own individual struggles. We all have our stress. We’re all trying to do the best in our careers and be the best mom, wife, best friend. Whatever your goals are in life, we’re all just juggling… we’re all in it together.”

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