Carrie Underwood’s Closet Has Fans Freaking Out Over Her 1 Genius Trick

Country star Carrie Underwood recently revealed that she and her husband, former hockey player Mike Fisher, moved into a brand new, custom-built farm house on 400 acres in Tennessee. The two spent several years designing the home of their dreams. Though Underwood has kept most of her home under wraps, she just gave fans a sneak peek of her closet — and people couldn’t believe what they saw.

Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher wanted more privacy

Underwood and Fisher settled down in Tennessee together after Fisher was traded from the Ottawa Senators to the Nashville Predators nearly a decade ago. They purchased a mansion in Brentwood, Tennessee, just outside of Nashville, that was modeled to look like.

In 2017, Underwood suffered a fall outside the home, which resulted in a heavily broken wrist and the need for more than 40 stitches in her face. And from there, there were reports that the home, which was in a gated community, was the center of a frenzy for people who wanted to see where the singer fell. She and Fisher reportedly felt that security had become an issue, and the two wanted out of the community.

Underwood and Fisher recently built their dream home

The couple’s forever home had been a long time coming, and it was only a matter of time until they left Brentwood for bigger pastures. Back in 2011, the couple purchased a whopping 400 acres outside of Franklin, Tennessee. According to Variety, the two paid $2.9 million for 354 acres, plus another $350,000 for an adjoining 50 acres.

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For years, the two planned their dream home, and in late 2018, they officially moved in. Little is known about the home, except that it’s become a ranch where the two can raise plenty of animals. Fisher has posted photos of the couple’s horses, the first of which he brought home in March 2019.

Fans can’t believe Underwood has a washer and dryer in her closet

Underwood recently showed off a piece of her home to fans when she posted a Calia swimsuit selfie from her massive master closet. Though fans loved the bathing suit, they couldn’t get over the background of the photo, which showed a washer and dryer tucked into an island in the center of the room.

“I love that your closet has a washer and dryer!” one fan wrote. “Wait is that a washer and dryer in your closet? That’s genius!” another user commented. “Closet with a washer/dryer in it — that’s THE DREAM!” someone else added. Fans were enamored with the genius trick of putting the laundry right in the closet.

Underwood tends to stay private and doesn’t show off much of her home

Fans were thrilled to see part of Underwood’s home, as she’s kept her new estate very low key; Underwood seems to like her privacy. Fisher has posted a few photos in various rooms of the house, but fans only ever see a small portion of the couple’s dream home. Finally, people were able to see one room, and although it was the closet, it was exciting to get a look at how Underwood and Fisher designed their forever home. Plus, anyone doing a remodel now will likely try to find a way to work a washer and dryer into their own closet.

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