Carrie Underwood’s Christmas Gift From Husband Mike Fisher Has Moooved In

Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood has two kids and several dogs, but she wanted more for Christmas. Husband Mike Fisher delivered — like, literally, he delivered her gifts this week.

The former hockey pro took to his Instagram Story to reveal two pictures of the process to obtain her present, and the end result of his foray as a cattle rancher. A video reveals that it was the country singer who wanted to expand their fur family

“@CarrieUnderwood wanted cows for Christmas,” Fisher writes with a smiley face emoji. “Merry Christmas babe!!”

The 37-year-old has not previously said publicly that she wanted “cow mama” to be added to her list of titles, but she did grow up on a cattle ranch. In fact, it was learning what happened to her father’s cattle that inspired her to become a vegetarian — a decision she made decades ago, long before winning American Idol.

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Fisher’s video shows two cows roaming a field, with an off-camera male voice indicating they’re on the hunt for food. If Thursday (Dec. 3) was delivery day, at the Underwood/Fisher household, Underwood was busy elsewhere. She appeared on Today on Thursday morning and will appear on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Thursday night. Both shows are on NBC.

Underwood and Fisher married on July 10, 2010. They have two sons, Isaiah and Jacob. Isaiah joined her for a version of “Little Drummer Boy” on her new Christmas album My Gift.

WATCH Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher (Best Relationship Moments) VIDEO BELOW:

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