Carrie Underwood: What Inspired Her To Be Vegan

Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood is in top shape and has been for many years. Part of the reason the vegetarian is in such good condition is her exercise routine and the fact that years ago, she went 95 percent vegan. She does make certain exceptions, like eating eggs.

Carrie told us not long ago what made her go from a vegetarian to a vegan. She said, “I actually saw somebody that I work with, and she looked amazing. Like something happened in her life, there was some switch flipped, and something was up. Her skin was glowing. Her eyes were gorgeous, and her body was amazing. Something had happened.”
She continued, “And I was like, ‘What are you do? I need to know. The world needs to know.’ And she said, ‘I went vegan,’ and I was like, I’ve been a vegetarian for several years or something like that. It’s hard to pinpoint the actual moment, but I was like, ‘What’s my deal?’”

Underwood added, “I actually had dairy issues, and I feel better now. My reflexes got a lot better and things like that. I just needed to know what to do, and she told me, so I was like, ‘I’m gonna do this too.’”
Underwood recently shared a small snippetof a new song called “Give Her That.” The new music can be found on her album Denim & Rhinestones (Deluxe Edition), which will come out on September 22. Produced by Underwood and David Garcia, the deluxe features six new tracks, including “Out of That Truck” and “Take Me Out.”

Fans can also find limited Denim & Rhinestones (Deluxe Edition) packages, including a double picture disc vinyl, CD, poster, and more.
In the video clip, which Carrie posted to Instagram, she is singing in the studio, “She’s probably perfect in every way, I’ll give her that.” She captioned the clip, “Another new track from #DenimAndRhinestones Deluxe coming to you all at midnight ET! #GiveHerThat.”