Carrie Underwood Welcomes Exciting New Additions to Her Family

Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood’s family just got a little bit bigger.

The country star shared pictures on social media of a few new additions that arrived at her family farm in Oklahoma: three adorable donkeys.

“Meet the newest members of the EH-OK Farm Fam!” Underwood exclaimed in the caption. “@lindseycardinalemusic brought us a special delivery all the way from Louisiana!!! We’ve got a (pregnant) mama, a daddy and a little dude!”


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In the photos, Underwood’s two sons, Isaiah and Jacob, whom she shares with her husband Mike Fisher, kindly welcome the family of donkeys to their new home.

Soon enough, there will also be another addition to the crew once one donkey gives birth. The singer added, “In a little bit, 2 of them will go live with some friends down the road, but we promise to have lots of family reunions!!!! #donkeys #NewFamilyMember #FarmLife.”

The donkeys came from Lindsey Cardinale, who also competed in season four of American Idol alongside Underwood, now 40.

Many fans were in awe that the two are still close friends so many years later, with one commenting, “So cute! The friendship you and Lindsay continue to have makes me so happy ❤️.”

Another said, “Awwww, so sweet you ladies are still close after all these years! Seems like a lifetime ago now.”

A few people also shared their dream of raising donkeys, with one comment reading, “Omg 😍😍😍 I hope one day I can add some to our farm.”

While Underwood is usually quite busy with her successful music career, she occasionally shares moments from her home life in Oklahoma.

This past February, she showed off her beautiful new greenhouse, sharing a behind-the-scenes look on Instagram at how it all came together.