Carrie Underwood wants her kids to have a ‘normal childhood’ despite famous parents

Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood is trying her best to make sure her kids have as “normal” a childhood as possible.

The country star, 36, and her retired hockey star husband, Mike Fisher, want their sons – Isaiah, 5, and Jacob, 1 – to stay grounded despite their famous parents.

“[It’s] hard with this particular life and it does stress me out,” she told People magazine. It’s a topic that Underwood and Fisher “talk about more than anything.”

‘Isaiah recently said my job is doing laundry and I kind of loved that, because I don’t really want him to know what I do. Not that I’m keeping him in the dark, but it made me feel good that he sees me doing mom stuff,” she admitted.

The Grammy winner doesn’t lead the typical Hollywood life. She lives most of the time in Nashville instead of Los Angeles and would rather just hang out on the couch at home with Fisher instead of going out.

“My workday ends when the kids go to bed. Even if the counters aren’t clean, I’m finished. Mike and I will sit on the couch and catch up and watch ‘The Bachelor’ or ‘Walking Dead.’ That’s my balance. Work hard and then veg,” she described.

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But when Underwood does take time for herself, she loves to exercise. “It’s my passion. I don’t pamper myself often – and maybe I should be a little better at that – but working out to me is that. It helps me balance,” she said. “Some days I have to make myself, but I always feel better afterward.”

After having her second son, the “Find Your Path” author admitted she felt societal pressure to “bounce back” as she did with her first son.

“After having my first kid, I felt like I bounced back fast. And then with Jake, it was like my body took a minute to get back to me. It was frustrating, because I’m like, ‘Why wasn’t it like the first time?’” she told People magazine at the time.

“But I’m four years older. That also helped me shift my mindset — I’m still working hard, wanting to be the best me possible, but cutting myself slack and just thinking, ‘Be kind to yourself.’ It’s amazing what we [women] do to ourselves. We’re probably all our toughest critics,” Underwood added.

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