Carrie Underwood

Watch the Carrie Underwood videos featuring family members and showing her personal life journey to Country Music stardom.

Carrie Underwood videos have on occasion featured key family members or have been inspired by them. Watch her family members featured in “Mama’s Song” and “What I Never Knew I Always Wanted”. Learn about the special relationship significance of “Temporary Home”.

Mama’s Song

This song’s music video features both Carrie’s mom (Carole) and Mike Fisher. The song is a ballad where the female narrator sings to her mother convincing her mom not to worry as the daughter moves out and begins her own life. Carrie has always had a close relationship with her parents and this music video shows her special relationship with her mom. Finding true love and the right man is aspect of the song and mirrors Carrie’s true life with Mike Fisher.

What I Never Knew I Always Wanted


This song is dedicated to the special men in Carrie’s life. This video montage of Carrie Underwood’s personal photos was shown on-screen during The Storyteller Tour. The video shows adorable images of Carrie, Mike Fisher, Isaiah Fisher, and her pet dogs. “I never really pictured myself getting married and I guess I never really — I always assumed a family was in the future, but I wasn’t, you know, ‘Oh my gosh, I can’t wait to have kids,’ and I kind of took a more laid-back approach to the whole thing,” Underwood told ABC’s Robin Roberts. “Now I couldn’t imagine my life without either one of them.”

Watch the journey of Carrie and Mike’s relationship and see baby Isaiah grow from baby to toddler.

Temporary Home

Inspired by her relationship with Mike Fisher and from both Carrie and Mike reading the book “A Purpose Driven Life”. Carrie dedicated some album notes about this song to Mike Fisher while they were dating and prior to their wedding. Mike Fisher has stated in interviews that this is his favorite Carrie song. Carrie made Mike a part of her 2009 album, Carnival Ride, writing a moving dedication to Fisher in the album sleeve: “Thank you (No.) 12 (Fisher’s jersey number.) You are the most amazing addition to my life! You are such a wonderful person and have had such an amazing hand in the building of this album and in the growth of me as a person. I love you so much! You make my life better in every way!”. While the music video does not show family members, the song is special to Mike and Carrie’s relationship.

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