Carrie Underwood trolled over Sunday Night Football performance: ‘She can’t sing’

Carrie Underwood

NBC’s Sunday Night Football is back with Carrie Underwood performing the popular song ‘Waiting All Day For Sunday Night’

Sunday Night Football is back and so is CMA Entertainer of the Year nominee Carrie Underwood. Underwood has now returned to NBC’s Sunday Night Football with a new opening; a recently-released clip shows the star performing the popular song “Waiting All Day For Sunday Night”. The song, set to the melody of Joan Jett’s “I Hate Myself For Loving You”, has been earlier performed by Faith Hill.

The show open was shot at Industrial Light & Magic’s LED sound stage. StageCraft LED’s zestful virtual production technology was used. The state-of-the-art system, utilized in ‘The Mandalorian’, has an interesting background — that of a football tailgate for the song’s performance. “Shooting the new show open for Sunday Night Football is one of the highlights of my year,” said Underwood. “I just love the fact that we get to reinvent it every year. The team behind these shoots is incredible and it’s always a really fun day, especially this year getting to work with such amazing state-of-the-art technology.”

The video dropped just ahead of Sunday, September 19 game with the Chicago Bears against the Los Angeles Rams. For over 15 years, “Waiting All Day for Sunday” night has indeed been a football staple. “We are excited about this year’s new collaboration with Carrie, which utilizes virtual production technology to generate real-time environments for Carrie’s performance, including a ‘tailgate’ to salute this game’s great fans, who have been ‘waiting all day for Sunday night’ and will be incorporated with their own user-generated tailgate videos,” Tripp Dixon, creative director of the SNF show open, said.


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However, this might not have been one of Underwood’s best performances and neither was it appreciated by the netizens. In fact, there was a flood of negative reactions from viewers, trolling the singer. “I can’t stand listening to that song. Makes absolutely no sense. Nobody’s been waiting all day for Sunday night. They’ve been watching football over the last 7 hrs,” a social media user wrote. “You aren’t waiting all day for Sunday night if you work Monday at 7am. This NBC football song lacks accuracy IMO,” another user added.

“Me trying to watch football and hearing that stupid Carrie Underwood football song,” wrote a user, posting a funny GIF. “Our daughters mirror randomly fell off her wall and shattered, so we ran upstairs to see what happened and make sure all was okay. I just realized it happened right before the Carrie Underwood SNF song, so let’s just say, someone is on our side,” mocked a viewer.

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