Carrie Underwood Talks Life Under Quarantine, Plus: Her Reaction to Kelly Clarkson’s Autograph Revelation

Country music star Carrie Underwood and her former NHL pro husband Mike Fisher are the epitome of couple goals.

“Extra’s” Jenn Lahmers spoke with Carrie about her Calia activewear line, life with her family during quarantine, and Kelly Clarkson’s revelation that she once signed an autograph as Carrie.

Carrie and Mike celebrated their 10-year wedding anniversary in July. Carrie even jokingly called Mike her boyfriend. She shared, “This has been such a trying year for everybody… Throughout this process, when we were in the middle of quarantine, he looked at me and was like, ‘You know what? I like you. I know I love you, but I like you, too.’”

“To be able to have that foundation, it means so much,” Carrie emphasized.

The couple’s foundation includes their two sons, Isaiah, 5, and Jacob, 1. Carrie revealed how she and Mike find time for each other during the pandemic, saying, “They are in bed and we are out the door by 8 o’clock… I try to make sure I have everything done [that] I need to have done throughout the day… so we can just have a couple hours to hang out… have some wine, and just be with each other.”

The two also work out together using Carrie’s fit52 app. She dished, “A great way for me and my husband to work out at home. It’s like minimal equipment and really just all about taking care of yourself.”

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Carrie, who has sold more than 64 million records, is also busy with her Calia clothing line. She shared, “The fall collection is all about texture. We do such a great job with all of our athletic pieces… Then we also do a lot of layering pieces that I’m super proud of. Jackets and things that are quilted and just have soft textures and feels.”

Underwood is launching three pop-up stores, saying, “We’re gonna have one… here in Nashville, one in Austin, and then another one in Santa Monica. All three very different vibes, but I feel like those are all super cool areas.” She went on, “We’re five years in… and I feel like every collection keeps getting better and better.”

When asked about Kelly Clarkson signing an autograph as Carrie after a fan mixed them up, Carrie laughed, saying, “I can see her totally doing that, just to see what would happen.”

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