Carrie Underwood

Sure, Carrie Underwood and husband Mike Fisher are both superstars in their fields, but they are also real people. Hear what Carrie has to say about their personal lives here!

Grammy Awards red carpet interview with Entertainment Tonight, country music superstar Carrie Underwood got candid about her life away from the spotlight with almost 2-year-old son Isaiah and husband of six years Mike Fisher. No, they don’t sit around as a family and count their combined accolades…

Carrie is so relatable when describing how she hangs out in athletic clothing all day and does her best to fit in a workout while Isaiah takes a nap. That’s every parent right there— the mad rush to get stuff done.

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We also dig the idea of Carrie and Mike hanging out with Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman on a double date. How cute would that be? They would have a lot to talk about, like the glam topics of groceries, parenting, and school happenings.

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