Carrie Underwood Talks Being A Working Mom, Says ‘We’re All Juggling’

Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood looks forward to her time on the road because she gets the opportunity to not only promote her music but also to connect with her fans, especially fans who are also working moms.

Underwood, who’s the mother of two boys, 4-year-old Isaiah and 1-year-old Jacob, insists she’s just like any other working mom. The country star might have a job that makes her famous all around the world, but she still shares the same struggles as any other women juggling a career and motherhood.

“I see a lot of women come to the shows and they’re kind of around the same age as me and have kids and we can talk about what it is like being a working mom,” she tells Parade. “We’re all juggling.”

“You have to juggle and balance and work around school programs,” she continues. “I’m like making lunch for my kid and then I’ve gotta do a photoshoot. It’s like many working moms, only my job’s a little more random.”

Underwood finds that talking with fans going through similar situations helps her realize she’s not alone.

“We all have our things,” she says. “We all have our own individual struggles. We all have our stress. We’re all trying to do the best in our careers and be the best mom, wife, best friend. Whatever your goals are in life, we’re all just juggling. We’re all in it together.”

While Underwood’s days are filled with work and her children, she always makes sure to find time for her husband, Mike Fisher and her workouts.

“I put the kids down and we sit and watch Investigation Discovery or something and drink wine,” Underwood said of her end of the day ritual with Fisher. “It’s all my life. It all flows and goes together.”

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Fisher knows that Underwood needs a little time for herself in the morning for a workout, so he does what he can to make sure she can have that time.

“Even if it’s just a short workout in the morning, he’s like, ‘Oh I know you’re happier when you work out,’ and I’m like, ‘I know!'” Underwood shared. “I’m the kind of personality that likes to feel like I’ve gotten something accomplished and when I work out, it’s like I’ve accomplished something today,” she continued. “So the rest of my day, I’m just in a better mood.”

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