Carrie Underwood Takes Fans Through ‘A Day In Her Life’ On Tour While Fighting For Her & Mike Fisher’s Marriage

Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood took to social media to share what the “Before He Cheats” singer’s everyday routine looks like while on her Denim & Rhinestones Tour.

“A day in the life of… gonna post throughout the day to show what my tour life is like…” the 39-year-old teased via her Instagram Story on Tuesday morning, February 7.

Underwood explained in a video that she woke up on the tour bus in Atlanta, Ga., after her show concluded the night before in Jacksonville, Fla.

“Coffee and Jesus to start the day off right,” the mother-of-two wrote alongside a picture of her letter “C” mug and a few journaling notebooks.
“Bus breakfast… enough to get me going… no dairy on show days for the voice…” Underwood continued, as she swears a dairy-free diet “makes a difference” when it comes time for her live performances.

Fitness came next in the country sensation’s day, as she stated, “my mobile gym… 10 a.m. workout sesh!!!” alongside a video of her personal trainer and a workout studio seemingly attached to her bus.

“Workout = crushed,” she wrote before having some lunch around noon.

“Now it is time to get ready for the day. Usually on days like this I just take a shower here on the bus in my bedroom… it’s kind of a mess,” Underwood explained to her 12.2 million Instagram followers. “I could go in the venue and take a shower, but I feel like on days like this it’s just easier to take one on the bus so I don’t have to take all of my stuff in with me and come back and whatever.”
“It’s just quiet and easy. I’m easy. I don’t need much so… I’m going to do that because I am gross,” the blonde beauty quipped.

“Time to pick out what I’m going to wear today,” Underwood said of what’s next on her to-do list, as she flipped through a look book of all her concert outfit options.

“2:15 p.m., head in for hair and make up. Snack while in the chair… coffee and an almond chocolate bar,” the “If I Didn’t Love You” vocalist documented, as time crept closer and closer to when she would step out on to the stage.

While Underwood spends her days on a tour bus, her worried husband, Mike Fisher, is taking care of their two children — Isaiah, 7, and Jacob, 4 — at home.

Though busy performing at concerts nationwide, the American Idol alum has been “going home a lot more” than previous tours, “even if it’s just for the day,” in an effort to keep her marriage intact.