Carrie Underwood Shows Off Killer Workout Body In ‘Quarantine’ Suggestion Photos

Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood knows you’re likely at home. While many continue to travel to work as the coronavirus pandemic sweeps the globe, a sharp rise in stay-at-home workers is now manifesting as governments advise citizens to self-distance – COVID-19 now has over 4,000 confirmed cases in the U.S., with the global death toll continuing to rise.

Carrie is amid the many celebrities to have now marked the novel coronavirus on social media – the 37-year-old updated her stories on Tuesday for a reminder that staying home doesn’t mean moping around and doing nothing.

Killer Body On Show, Options Laid Out

Carrie’s stories showed her looking stunning as she smiled in the gym and posed without a scrap of makeup. The “Cry Pretty” singer’s opening shot came with a direct gaze and the blonde’s insanely-toned arms stretched out – a dark tank top also flaunted the singer and “Find Your Path” author’s sculpted shoulders.

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Text from Carrie pointed out that staying home does come with its lazy temptations – provided you were even able to find Doritos or Pringles in the grocery store, you might well be tempted to spend any quarantine time munching on them with Netflix.

Or Do This To Come Out The Mess ‘Stronger Than Ever’

Carrie’s second photo completely changed vibes. The attitude was now a power one as the Calia by Carrie CEO posed with a sassy hand position, also seen winking and semi-smirking in a power pout – the pigtail braids were still there, though.

Carrie had added a muscle arm emoji and “Okay let’s do this” as she offered an alternative to the junk food and Netflix.


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