Carrie Underwood showcases very toned legs in flirty green mini dres

Carrie Underwood

On Thursday morning, NBC’s Today Show was graced with the presence of country music sensation, Carrie Underwood.

As part of the anticipated 2023 Citi Concert Series, the Grammy-award winning artist took center stage, not just to captivate with her music but also to engage in an intimate chat with Today’s anchors, Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb.

Decked in a mint green fringed mini dress, the 40-year-old dazzled with a belt and matching jewelry that sparkled like gold rhinestones under the studio lights.

Adding further elegance to her ensemble, her tanned and toned legs were set off by gold-studded boots adorned with chains.

 Carrie Underwood performs on NBC's "Today" Show at Rockefeller Plaza

Carrie’s impeccable fashion choices reflect not only her sense of style but also the essence of her recent album, Denim & Rhinestones. She enthusiastically announced the release of its deluxe edition.

While her music always forms the crux of such appearances, the conversation naturally meandered towards personal terrains.

Carrie wore a flirty green dress

Carrie generously shared snippets of her home life with husband Mike Fisher and their two young sons, Isaiah and Jacob.

Painting a picture that many can relate to, she shared: “The kids go to school, my husband usually takes them, but the moment they step out, I’m making their beds, vacuuming, ensuring there aren’t any wet towels lying around, and tending to the garden.”

Carrie showcased her very toned legs

Her culinary prowess was another highlight. As the primary chef of the house, Carrie revealed she is “always cooking something” and spends a significant amount of time “living in the kitchen.”

One could almost sense the aroma of freshly baked bread as she mentioned her penchant for baking. Her love for food goes beyond just cooking; she takes pride in growing it, emphasizing, “I love to grow our food; that’s what I enjoy doing.”

Carrie is a mom-of-three

Despite her stardom, her children remain relatively sheltered from their mother’s celebrity status. They acknowledge her presence on stage but only grapple with her fame when friends bring up her illustrious career. In an era dominated by screens, Carrie expressed her concerns about technology’s impact on young minds.

Speaking candidly, she shared: “It’s a struggle. After too much TV, there’s a visible shift in them.” She aims to keep her kids off phones for as long as she can, especially cautious of the challenges presented by social media.

Pivoting back to her professional life, Carrie divulged details about her ongoing music projects, including the new songs she believes her audience will cherish. The week’s most exhilarating revelation? Her continued commitment to her Las Vegas performance.

The country icon gleefully announced the extension of her Reflection Las Vegas residency into 2024 at the Resorts World Theatre. Fans can anticipate 18 more heart-throbbing performances, beginning March 6th and spread across spring and summer.

Evidently thrilled, Carrie took to Instagram, sharing: “Big news for 2024!! I’m so excited to share that #REFLECTION will be continuing at @resortsworldtheatre next year beginning in March! We adore performing this show for everyone visiting from all corners of the globe. If you haven’t experienced it yet, come join us!”

For the ardent followers, the official Fan Club pre-sale is slated to commence on Sept. 14. Carrie’s journey with Resorts World Theatre has been significant.

Starting with a limited stint in December 2021, she became its inaugural resident artist, creating unforgettable musical memories.