Carrie Underwood Shares What Mornings Look Like With Her Boys While Quarantining

Carrie Underwood

The country singer along with her husband Mike Fisher have their hands full in quarantine with two young boys.

What do mornings at Carrie Underwood’s house look like? Fun, fun, fun! The country singer along with her husband and former hockey player, Mike Fisher, have their hands full in quarantine with two young boys. If you are staying home with tiny tots, you know what this mom is up against. With a 14-month-old, Jacob, and a 5-year-old, Isaiah, we know Carrie has to maintain her energy levels just to keep up. But the couple has found a great strategy to keep their active boys entertained and well, it seems to working just fine.

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Mornings at the Fisher house. ✈️ ✈️

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Last Thursday, Underwood gave us a sneak peak into just how exciting mornings can be in her house during this social distancing period. And let’s just say her day really takes off! No, literally, Carrie’s boys were having a splendid time pretending to be airplanes with their dad. They say you can’t hear a picture but just by staring at the adorable photo you can clearly imagine Fisher making airplane sounds with his mouth as he zooms the two boys around, one in each of his palms. You can see just how much the boys are into the game, with Isaiah in full airplane mode, arms sticking out to his sides, and Jacob looking intently into his dad’s eyes, as his dad laid on his back on the floor.

Carrie aptly captioned the photo, “Mornings at the Fisher house,” with two airplane emojis.

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Both Carrie and Mike have been strong advocators of the shelter-in-place protocols to help limit the spread of COVID-19. The couple has used Instagram to convince fans to adhere to the regulations put in place to help everyone stay safe from the coronavirus. On April 1, they shared a video to social media which shared the importance of social distancing and how everyone can play a role in curbing the spread of the deadly virus.

Underwood also took part in the #IStayHomeFor social media challenge which also encouraged people to stay home by sharing personal reasons why some people, especially celebrities, were staying home themselves. In her Tuesday post, with a simple homemade poster, the sweet mom told her followers that she stayed at home for these two adorable boys that fill her day.

This star’s quarantine time has definitely been an interesting and exciting time. From trying out recipes to working out with her husband, the country singer has given fans tons of fun activity ideas which we can try with our own families, while keeping us entertained. She even performed her song “Drinking Alone” on ACM Presents: Our Country last week, a special presented by the Academy of Country Music to replace the postponed ACM Awards.

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