Carrie Underwood Shares the Rock Moment in Her ‘Denim & Rhinestones’ Show That’s ‘All for Me’ [Watch]

Carrie Underwood strives to outdo herself with every new tour she mounts, and her Denim & Rhinestones Tour is no exception: The show features a packed set list of hits, pyrotechnics and even some aerial stunt work that the singer learned after watching the aerialists each night at her Reflection: Las Vegas residency, which wrapped (for the time being) earlier in 2022.

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And although she’s hoping her show will dazzle fans, Underwood admits that there’s one song in the set that she included just for herself. That’s her cover of Guns N’ Roses’ “Welcome to the Jungle,” the rock outfit’s hit from 1987 that Underwood says she’s been building towards performing for a long time.

“Guns N’ Roses is for sure a definite favorite and we’ve been covering them for a long time. But being around them [at Stagecoach] … I feel like I’ve been working up to ‘Welcome to the Jungle’ for a while,” the singer tells USA Today.

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Not only did Underwood bring Guns N’ Roses frontman Axl Rose onstage during Stagecoach, but she subsequently joined the full band to perform their hit “Sweet Child O’ Mine” during their show in London.

“I figured if I’m going to do [the song], let’s do it now,” she continues, explaining why she chose to include “Welcome to the Jungle” in her Denim & Rhinestones Tour setlist. “That’s my super-selfish moment in the show — it’s all mine and for me!”

While Underwood may have opted to include the rock hit to fulfill a personal dream, fans certainly don’t seem to mind her incorporating it into the setlist. Fan-captured video from her Denim & Rhinestones Tour opening night in Greenville, S.C., shows the hard-rocking moment in all its dazzling glory.