Carrie Underwood Shares Rare Throwback Photo of Her First Son As a Newborn

Carrie Underwood

“Where did these last five years go?”

If you’re a mom, you can relate to Carrie Underwood’s Instagram post about her son’s fifth birthday all too well. The country star can’t get over how quickly her Isaiah is growing. Just five years ago, he was a tiny baby, swaddled in her arms.

“Where did these last five years go?” she wrote under his black-and-white newborn photo. “It’s so bittersweet watching your children grow up.” Especially your first-born. “You want them to stay little and chubby and cuddly forever but it’s also so much fun seeing them turn into little people!” she added.

Now, Isaiah is a big brother to the family’s latest addition, 1-year-old Jacob. “Isaiah, you are funny and smart and such a caring little boy! You already have so much love for God and for all those around you,” Underwood wrote. “The day I became your mother was the day my life changed forever. You are five today but you will always be my baby boy…no matter how old you get. Thank you for being you.”

Her friends, family, and supporters joined in the comments to wish Isaiah a happy birthday. “Happy birthday to your adorable little buddy! Love how you phrased it,” nutritionist Cara Clark wrote. “Truly is bittersweet❤️.” Musician Colton Swon added, “Im not crying you’re crying..happy birthday to the little speedster.”

It’s been a wild, fruitful year for the family of four, especially after a difficult year prior. The singer experienced three miscarriages before she and her husband, NHL player Mike Fisher, welcomed Jake. “I was like,‘Why on Earth do I keep getting pregnant if I can’t have a kid? Like, what is this? Shut the door. Like, do something,” Underwood told CBS This Morning. “Either shut the door or let me have a kid.’”

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Although it was an emotional time in her life, it inspired and made way for a wonderful 2019. Her fourth pregnancy went according to plan—except for regular bouts of insomnia, which she reportedly used to write her upcoming self-help book, Find Your Path. The sleepless nights “ended up being a blessing,” she said at the 2020 Country Radio Seminar.

And four months after Jacob arrived, Underwood was back on the road with her Cry Pretty Tour, using her experience with miscarriage and motherhood to connect with fans across the globe. Of course, both of her boys—Jacob and Isaiah—were by her side throughout it all.

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