Carrie Underwood Shares Nostalgic New Song “Give Her That”

Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood is willing to “Give Her That” in her new song. On Friday (August 11), Underwood dropped another teaser off the deluxe edition of Denim & Rhinestones. The acoustic slow burner “Give Her That” finds the singer reminiscing on a past love who’s moved on to a new woman.
Underwood acknowledges that while her ex’s new love may be champagne sweet and a Covergirl face full of Southern belle, she can’t replace the memories they shared together. When the chorus kicks in, the country star affirms that she’ll always have precious mementos that range from his old Lynyrd Skynyrd T-shirt she still wears to the necklace his mother gave her.

You can’t give her those wild summer nights where I learned all your secrets/Those I love you’s that already fell off your lips/That part of your heart that you gave me and you can’t get back/You can’t give her that, Underwood announces in the chorus with her strong voice. “Give Her That” is the second song she’s shared from the deluxe edition, the first being “Out of That Truck” that’s also her current single. Both tracks were co-written by Underwood, producer David Garcia and Lydia Vaughn. The Denim & Rhinestones deluxe edition will be released on September 22.
The powerhouse singer has been spending the month of August opening for Guns N’ Roses on a handful of dates on their World Tour. She opened two shows in Canada, followed by a stop in her home city of Nashville at Geodis Park on August 26.

“Just a country girl living out some rockstar dreams,” the superstar celebrated on Instagram after the first show in Moncton, Canada. “I want to say a HUGE thanks to @gunsnroses for having us out on tour, as well as their amazing fans! I was super nervous playing for another band’s crowd (of a completely different genre, no less) but you all made us feel so welcome!!!”