Carrie Underwood Shares an Update on Her Greenhouse Project

Carrie Underwood

Country star Carrie Underwood got in on the work on a home greenhouse project, and fans can get some behind-the-scenes insight.

The country super mom is an avid gardener, so there’s hardly any doubt the new space will be one of her favorites. She called in some professionals to lead the way on the inside layout, but she was a big part of the process from the start.
Carrie Underwood loves getting her hands dirty in her garden
First, it’s noteworthy that Underwood loves being in her garden and prefers to get her fruits and vegetables from home or a stand. She once said she avoids buying grocery store produce, partly because she usually doesn’t like the taste. Not only does farm stand or homegrown taste better, in her opinion, but she also wants to support people using proper practices to grow it.
However, gardening for Underwood is about more than nourishing her family — it’s her “me” time. “My garden is one of my happy places,” she wrote on Instagram. “When I’m getting my hands dirty, it’s my time for thought and reflection.”

In fact, Underwood loves gardening so much that she included a song called “Garden” on her latest album, Denim & Rhinestones.

Carrie Underwood’s greenhouse project update
Fans can watch the inside of Underwood’s greenhouse come together in a video shared by Epic Gardening on YouTube. They offered an inside look into the project, led by Kevin and Jacques, who visited the country star’s 400-acre estate.

While they were building garden beds, Underwood sang the praises of growing food. “It [makes] me happy to grow something from nothing,” she said. “Feels like little miracles every time I get something.”

She added that it’s also a great feeling to serve the food she grows to her friends and loved ones when they visit because food from the store has less taste. “My goal is to not buy produce at the store,” she declared.

Underwood showed off her space outside the greenhouse, including her chicken coop and “accidental rooster,” to Epic Gardening. She mentioned they have hundreds of fruit trees, growing apples, peaches, plums, and pears, plus bushes of blackberries and blueberries. More than fruitful, we bet it’s beautiful in the springtime!

It might sound like Underwood had her garden space figured out, but she added the greenhouse and invited Epic Gardening to help with an efficient inside layout. However, she didn’t hesitate to jump in on the work while they were there, from taking the beds out of plastic to moving things into place. And she seemed delighted with the results.

Carrie Underwood’s ‘deep dive’ into gardening started in 2020
While introducing the project, Underwood explained her love of gardening started innocently enough with picking fruit at neighbors’ houses in childhood.

When she and her husband built their “forever” home and moved in with their two children in 2018, they also made space for a garden, beginning with some raised beds. However, she said it was during the pandemic lockdown in 2020, when she couldn’t go anywhere, that they started the “deep dive” into gardening that led her to this latest project.