Carrie Underwood Sets the Stage on Fire with ‘Dirty Laundry’

Carrie Underwood

Country music sensation Carrie Underwood has proven countless times that she is a force and an artist to be reckoned with. Each time she proved her naysayers wrong, it always felt damn good to watch her own the stage and fire away with her insanely marvelous vocals and her even dynamic performance. Unrelated, but after this article, check out our in-depth article on Who is Vivian Cash?

For her latest single, Dirty Laundry? As part of her brand new jaw-dropping and badass collection of sinfully awesome tracks like Before He Cheats, and Two Black Cadillacs, you will definitely be reminded of what a versatile and gifted singer Underwood truly is.

As she began her performance, Carrie’s passion sets the stage ablaze. She also impressively kept her energy levels consistent, earning reinforced respect from her fans. The entire scene was filled with red lights and smoke, before the singer, who was clad in distressed rock ensemble, made her explosive entrance.

Dirty Laundry was written by Ashley Gorley, Hillary Lindsey, and Zach Crowell. It was the fourth single released from Underwood’s latest album, carrying the same title. Dirty Laundry is all about infidelity. It’s been disclosed that when it comes to songwriting, Zach’s themes tend to delve into the wild, dark, and crazy shade of emotional states and perceptions. The attack on the song’s subject was more about the usual way cheaters get busted—a good ol’ bottle of red wine, lipstick on the collar, and all other obvious signs that can’t escape a woman’s intuition. In short, his womanizer ways show through in the cheater’s dirty, stinky laundry.

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Judging by the way the lyrics were projected and the song was carefully pieced together to create a very commonplace yet eye-opening story, tons of fans worldwide will definitely be able to relate to the lyrics. Though we may not admit it, many of us have cheated, been cheated on and cheated with. It is a vicious cycle to be in, and Dirty Laundry perfectly captures just how easy it is to hide an affair as much as the signs you try so hard to conceal can be easily sniffed out by prying eyes and strong, unrelenting senses.

Some critics, including The Boston Globe magazine’s Sarah Rodman, commended the song. According to her, it was one of the best six tracks on the album. She likewise dubbed Dirty Laundry as the album’s centerpiece. Other positive reviews from critics include that of Taste of Country and Idolator. The former described Underwood’s hit as a musical piece that relies on the stormy production that Underwood heavily leaned into on her previous album, Blown Away. Taste of Country adds, “There’s a colorful thread that’s tied everything Underwood has done over the last five years together and she hasn’t been afraid to lean into it again and again.”

“A remarkable, one-two punch that blends clever lyrics with the muscular snap of arena country-rock”, were the words that summed up Idolator’s review of the song.

Carrie Underwood’s Dirty Laundry performance was undeniably a smash hit!

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