Carrie Underwood says she trying her hardest to give her kids a ‘normal childhood’… as she reveals she likes to unwind with The Bachelor after a long day

Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood wants to make sure her kids have a ‘normal childhood.’

The country diva, 36, opened up about how she keeps her two boys Isaiah, five, and Jacob, one, grounded while talking about her day-to-day life in the latest issue of countrylivingnation.
Calling it the topic she and her husband Mike Fisher ‘talk about more than anything,’ Carrie told the magazine: ‘[It’s] hard with this particular life and it does stress me out.’

But she takes comfort in the fact that her boys only see her mommy side, for now.

‘Isaiah recently said my job is doing laundry and I kind of loved that, because I don’t really want him to know what I do. Not that I’m keeping him in the dark, but it made me feel good that he sees me doing mom stuff.’

Though Carrie is a country super star and her husband of 10-years was an elite athlete, she said they were ‘pretty normal people’ at heart.

After a long day with the kids, the couple love nothing more than just ‘vegging out’ on the couch.

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‘My workday ends when the kids go to bed. Even if the counters aren’t clean, I’m finished. Mike and I will sit on the couch and catch up and watch The Bachelor or Walking Dead. That’s my balance. Work hard and then veg,’ she told People.

She also talked about how important her fitness time is, calling herself a ‘health nerd.’

‘It’s my passion. I don’t pamper myself often – and maybe I should be a little better at that – but working out to me is that. It helps me balance. Some days I have to make myself, but I always feel better afterward.’

Carrie said her workouts range from 45 minutes to 90 minutes a day, but joked that ‘some days cleaning the house counts.’

Underwood’s passion for wellness was the inspiration for her new book Find Your Path, which details her health journey. Find Your Path is on bookshelves now.

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