Carrie Underwood Says Husband Mike Fisher Helps ‘Balance’ Her Shyness: I Would ‘Never Leave My House’

Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood may be used to performing in front of thousands of people, but if it was up to her, she’d spend all of her time at home with her family.

The country singer, whose ninth album Denim & Rhinestones came out on Friday, opened up in a new interview about her introverted tendencies, and explained how her more outgoing husband Mike Fisher keeps her balanced.

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“I don’t want to go to restaurants, I don’t want to travel. I don’t want to go anywhere,” she told Today’s Country Radio with Kelleigh Bannen on Apple Music Country. “I love being at home. I would literally never leave my house… I get nervous in crowds and in group settings and stuff like that.”

Underwood, 39, said that Fisher, a former NHL star whom she married in 2010, often encourages her to step out of her comfort zone, a dynamic that provides balance in their relationship. The two share sons Isaiah, 7, and Jacob, 3.

“He’s got a million friends and we’re always hanging out with them. So yeah, I feel like we balance each other out,” she explained. “I’m like, ‘We don’t need to go out all the time,’ so I pull him back a little bit. And then he’s like, ‘We need to go somewhere sometimes. Can we please interact with other people?'”

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If the Grammy winner is shy in her personal life, it certainly doesn’t come across in her music — especially Denim & Rhinestones, which she told Bannen embraces a rockier sound inspired by her love for the genre.

Underwood explained that her two older sisters often had control of the radio when she was younger, and their teenage tastes inspired her own.

“I feel like at this point, all my fans know that I have a huge love of rock music,” she said, revealing that her sisters would make her sing Mötley Crüe’s “Smokin’ In the Boys Room” at just 3 years old.

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The star — who recently wrapped a series of shows for her Las Vegas residency Reflection — said that after her Christmas album My Gift and her gospel album My Savior, she was ready to “just have fun” while working on the new record.
“I want to think about going out on the road. I want to think about being on tour. I want to think about being with people again and how these songs are going to translate in front of people,” she said. “So that’s what we did. We didn’t think about it too much. We made music that really felt good. Feels good to sing, felt fun to write.”

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