Carrie Underwood Says ‘Bullies’ Have Changed the Way She Uses Social Media

Carrie Underwood

Country star Carrie Underwood has encountered too many bullies on social media. And their negativity led her to rethink her approach to fan interactions.

Underwood isn’t afraid to call out harassing behavior. But she eventually had to “put a barrier up” due to persistent meanness. And ultimately, she came to a place where she felt, “I don’t know if I can do this.”
How Carrie Underwood once put a bully on blast using social media
After someone photographed and publicly shamed a friend of Underwood’s for exercising at her child’s soccer game in 2016, the American Idol winner joined the conversation and put the heckler on blast.
“This guy felt the need to post this pic of my friend and trainer, Erin Oprea, along with some really insecure and mean comments,” Underwood told her Instagram followers. “He was shaming her for getting in some exercise during her son’s soccer game. Not cool.”

She applauded her friend for using “someone else’s negativity to help others.”

“That man obviously has a big problem…with himself,” Underwood declared. “I only hope he can learn to like himself someday so he can be an adult and stop bullying others for bettering themselves!”

Most fans who replied supported Underwood and her trainer. One person wrote, “… He found a woman to bully, and he chose Carrie Underwood’s personal trainer?? That’s karma right there. I’d love to see if he replied to either one of these amazing women.”

Carrie Underwood said bullies changed how she reacts to the world and uses social media
In an interview with Redbook, Underwood, who once described herself as “incredibly disappointing to people” when she’s not on stage, explained why her social media habits have changed. “I feel like bullies have changed the way I react to the world,” she declared.
“You want to be connected to your fans, and I used to feel like I could go through social media and talk to people, really have that communication,” she went on. “But you get to a point where there are too many mean people saying mean things — probably just to get a reaction from you — and eventually, I was like, ‘I don’t know if I can do this.’”

Underwood shared that she’s had to put “a barrier up, which is sad.”