Carrie Underwood rocks astounding pair of short shorts – and look at her legs

Carrie Underwood

The country star Carrie Underwood is currently on the road with her latest tour, but she proved that she wasn’t skipping leg day while out and about.

The Inside Your Heaven singer partnered with sports drink brand Bodyarmor, and in her latest Instagram post she highlighted the range of flavors by quipping: “If I like it, I’ll just grab it in a different color,” over and over again. The post appeared to filmed ahead of one of her gigs, with stage lights being seen in the background.
But it was her outfit that got everyone talking, as the country music superstar showed off her gorgeous physique in a mesmerising pair of red short shorts with a gold chain.

Her toned legs went on for miles, as the star also dazzled with a plaid shirt and crop top, while her blonde locks cascaded down to her shoulders.

In a simple caption, she tagged the brand and added multicolored heart emojis, including red, blue, green and yellow.

Carrie’s legs got fans talking

Fans were quick to react to the post, as one commented: “Carrie does not play around with leg day,” and a second added: “Hey, wait a minute. That’s not your voice. But those are DEFINITELY your legs.”

A third enthused: “GORGEOUS AS ALWAYS, LOVE YOU CARRIE!” and a fourth posted: “Damn look at her beautiful legs they’re on [fire emojis].”

If you’re like us, you’ll have no doubt wondered what exactly Carrie does in order to achieve her toned legs, and you’re in luck as she’s previously shared her routine through her wellness app, Fit52.

Back in August, Carrie – who is trained by her longtime trainer Eve Overland – demonstrated a few movements involved in her workout.

Across the video, a tagline read: “Get Carrie’s real leg workout Fit52.” The workout has been adapted for all fitness levels and claims to “strengthen, sculpt, and tone your legs”.

“Get your sweat on with squats, lunges, step-ups, and more,” the description in the app reads. “Uniquely developed by celebrity trainer Eve Overland and designed to accommodate all fitness levels. Get results with these easy-to-follow workouts you can do anywhere.”
Eve spoke to Shape magazine last year and revealed that some of Carrie’s favorite leg exercises are squats, lunges, and deadlifts.

“She likes to stick with the basics because they work,” Eve explained. “Lateral band walks, leg press machine [reps], hamstring curls, and cable straight leg kickbacks are a few more go-tos because of the great pump they give you.”

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