Carrie Underwood Reveals the Stitches in Her Face Made It ‘Physically Impossible to Sing’

Carrie Underwood

“It was a mind game.”

Almost exactly a year after a fall left her with more than 40 stitches in her face, Carrie Underwood is opening up about just how serious the injury was. At the ACM Awards last spring, the country star stepped back into the spotlight with what seemed like a minor scar, but it turns out the accident also affected her signature sound.

“I felt like the differences were more in my head than they were in anybody else’s that would listen to the things I was doing,” Carrie said in an interview with Vulture. “I had wanted to be in the studio sooner than I was, actually recording these songs, but I had stitches inside my mouth, outside my mouth. It was physically impossible.”

Carrie went on to describe her return to the studio as “a mind game.” She recalled that she wondered, “‘Do I sound the same? Is my diction the same? Does my mouth move the same as it did before?'”

Of course, when Carrie’s resulting record, Cry Pretty, came out this fall, the singer sounded as flawless as ever on each track. That includes the title hit, which was inspired by her injury as well as her multiple miscarriages. But at the time, Carrie was self-conscious.


“I would sing something and then look at David [Garcia, the co-producer on the album] and be like, ‘Did that all come out clearly?'” Carrie said. “My m’s and b’s and p’s were kind of the issue. And he was like, ‘I thought it sounded great.'”

Now fully healed (and expecting her second child with husband Mike Fisher!), the star is set to host the CMA Awards alongside Brad Paisley for the 11th time next week. And shortly after her baby is rumored to be due, Carrie will embark on her Cry Pretty 360 Tour.

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