Carrie Underwood Revealed a New Hairstyle Once Streamlined Her Life

Carrie Underwood

When country star Carrie Underwood hoped to “streamline” things in her life after becoming a mom, one place she started was her hairstyle. She once explained how she preferred long hair, but it turned into a nuisance with a toddler abound. And for her, chopping her locks off was a quick fix to make life “easier.”

Carrie Underwood loves mom life, but she didn’t feel like herself after two pregnancies
Underwood had her first son, Isaiah, with her husband, Mike Fisher, in 2015. In an Instagram post shared after their second son Jacob was born, she revealed she returned to working out after feeling like she wasn’t quite herself. While noting that her body was a perfect home for incubating babies, she candidly shared that she thought it wasn’t hers while pregnant and breastfeeding.
“I’ve been pretty hard on myself lately. I go into the gym, and I can’t run as fast or as far,” she shared, noting that “bouncing back” was more difficult after her second pregnancy. She added, “I can’t lift as much weight or do as many reps as I could a year ago. I just want to feel like myself again … for my body to feel the way that I know it can.”

Getting in one’s preferred shape can take time, but Underwood found a more straightforward fix when she grew tired of trying to blow dry her long hair with just one free hand.

Carrie Underwood said a new hairstyle made her life ‘easier’ after becoming a mom

With all the stresses parents can face, it’s terrific to find places where life can be simplified. And Underwood said she did just that when she opted for a new hairstyle after becoming a new mom.

In an interview with Extra after the birth of Isaiah, Underwood explained how updating her hairstyle as a new mother made her life easier. She noted, “I love long hair. I love it on other people, and I loved it on me.”

However, her long, flowing tresses weren’t always practical. “I would just be standing there blowing my hair dry, and my son, Isaiah, is tugging on my pants like, ‘Pick me up,’” she recalled. “I’d hold him and blow my hair dry, and I’m like, ‘This is just ridiculous.’”

So, she wondered what she could do to “streamline some things and make things a little bit easier,” and a new hairstyle was an easy but meaningful change.

“Life is easier,” she concluded of her shorter style.

Carrie Underwood wouldn’t go back to her ‘big’ hairstyles from ‘American Idol’

In an interview with Elle, Underwood talked about how cutting her hair was a “mom move” and shared that her shorter hair was easier to fix. But she also revealed the hairstyle from her past that she has no plans on returning to.

She said, “I feel like there were a lot of interesting hair things that happened to me when I was on [American Idol]. That was my first time having anybody fix my hair.”

“Even growing up, when we’d go to prom, I did my own, and I’ve always done my own. There were some [looks] that I don’t think I would do now,” Underwood explained, adding, “I had big hair. I had a lot of big hair. And I like big hair, but I wouldn’t go back there again.