Carrie Underwood releases behind-the-scenes look at hit video ‘Hallelujah’ with John Legend

Carrie Underwood is giving her fans a deeper look into the making of the music video for “Hallelujah,” her holiday duet with John Legend.

In the behind-the-scenes footage, Underwood shares more about the set design and filming process of the Randee St. Nicholas-directed project.

“Today we are in Los Angeles, and they have made Christmas in LA, complete with snow,” she said with a laugh. “It feels cold — it’s not, but it looks like it should be.”

“It’s been really nice, you know, being around John and just kind of getting to sing the song together, even though we’re just doing it for a music video,” she continued.

The singer also noted how her team ensured it was safe to film on set.

“Of course everybody is wearing masks just to make sure everybody feels safe and is taking the necessary precautions,” she said. “It’s weird, but we’re here and we’re pushing through and doing it anyway. That’s, to me, what 2020 has been — making stuff happen and figuring out how to do things you want to in a safe and different way.”

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It is not clear exactly when the video was filmed, but every crew member shown in the newly released footage has a mask on.

“Hallelujah,” which was co-written by Legend and songwriter Toby Gad, appears on Underwood’s first-ever Christmas album, “My Gift,” which she released this September.

The album debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard Country, Christian and Holiday charts. The holiday album is Underwood’s eighth consecutive album to debut at the top on the Billboard Country chart.

You can check out the official music video for “Hallelujah” here.

WATCH Carrie Underwood & John Legend – Hallelujah (Official Music Video) VIDEO BELOW:

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