This year forced people all over the world to change their routines, and that was no different for country artists who had to scrap a whole year of touring due to the pandemic. Through all the uncertainty, however, Carrie Underwood was able to find a positive side, even if it did take her a little while to find it.

“I like working, I like to be on the go, I like to do what I do, and at the beginning of 2020, it was confusing, like, ‘Now what? How do we do this? I’ve never been in one place this long before,’” she shared to a group of reporters, including Sounds Like Nashville. “But then it was like, ‘Wow, I’ve never been in one place this long before.’ What started out as kind of a stressor became that silver lining, and I got to watch my children grow.

“My oldest son is going to be six in February, my youngest is going to be two in January,” she continued. “That’s time I cannot get back and at the end of many years from now, I feel like I’m going to look back on 2020 and be like, ‘First, what a mess, but second, I got to spend that year at home watching my boys grow up and I can’t get this time back.’”

When it comes to what she’s planning for the new year, Underwood says she would love to get back on the road, but she doesn’t know when that will happen. No matter what though, she will bring a feeling of gratefulness into 2021.

“I think this year’s all taught us to be grateful for what we have and I definitely would like to work more next year,” she says. “As far as getting out and seeing people, I’m not in control of that, so we’ll just do the best we can and just keep moving forward with the circumstances that we are given and be grateful for what we have.”


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