Carrie Underwood Recalls Bawling as She Crawled into Son’s Isaiah’s Bed after Her Miscarriage

Carrie Underwood

On Wednesday, the second episode of the four-part web series “Mike & Carrie: God and Country” aired. During the episode, Carrie Underwood opened up about having her miscarriages among other things.

On “Mike & Carrie: God and Country,” Underwood, 37, discussed the three miscarriages she suffered in a two-year period. She shared: “It sounds bad when you say it, but it’s one of those bad things that [you think] happens to other people, you know what I mean?”

The country music singer confessed that it wasn’t something she ever envisioned herself “having to deal with.” Mike Fisher, 39, admitted that they actually managed to conceive very quickly while trying for their second child.


At the time, the couple was already parents to son Isaiah Michael, now 5, who was born in 2015. Underwood’s first two miscarriages occurred “months into” the pregnancies she confessed on the episode called “The Wrestle.”

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I was bawling
The former professional ice hockey player recalled the stress during that time stating: “You’re [asking], ‘Why is this happening?’ and you don’t know why and sometimes you’ll never figure out why.” Despite the doubts and disappointments, Fisher still had faith they’d have another child.

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