Carrie Underwood Owns up to Her Embarrassing Twitter Goof

Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood may be a top country artist, but it isn’t below her to own up to the occasional grammatical error when it arises. The “Somethin’ Bad” hitmaker recently found herself taking to Twitter to correct herself after she accidentally used an incorrect word in a recent tweet.

The all-too-relatable gaffe went down on Monday, May 15 when Underwood responded to a tweet from the Bobby Bones Show about country artists who make fans feel the most confident. Underwood, who topped the list, replied to the tweet by writing, “We’ll (sic), this certainly gave me some confidence!” While most people let the goof slide, at least a few noticed that the singer accidentally used “we’ll” instead of “well,” with one person quote retweeting, “*Well” to correct Underwood as somebody else responded with a gif that read, “when autocorrect changes a word I spelled correctly.”

It didn’t take long for Underwood to realize her mistake. Just a few hours later, Underwood returned to Twitter to own up to the goof. Quote retweeting her own tweet, the musician commented, “Just looking at the twitters and realized that the autocorrect had some fun with my tweet this morning that I did not catch before I posted. For the record, this is one of my pet peeves. Well, we’ll, their, there, they’re…you get the idea. Sheesh!”

The eight-time Grammy Award winner is a frequent social media user and tends to keep her fans up to date on her daily life on Instagram, where she frequently shares photos and videos from her home life, including her garden hauls. Most recently, Underwood revealed an all-new tattoo. As she showed off highlights from her girls’ trip with her sisters-in-law in Destin, Florida, Underwood included a photo showing her in the process of getting a new tattoo, a daisy, on her forearm. Her sisters-in-law also got tattoos on their forearms, one getting birds while another opted for flowers. Captioning the post, Underwood wrote in part, “Sisters…not by blood…but sisters nonetheless… it’s true that you don’t get to choose your family, but if I could, I would choose these exact three women to be my sisters-in-law! From the beach to the tattoo parlor, Destin didn’t know what hit it! I love you ladies!!!”