Carrie Underwood Opens up About Personal Inspiration That Led to Writing ‘Find Your Path’


When Carrie Underwood decided to write her upcoming book, Find Your Path: Honor Your Body, Fuel Your Soul and Get Strong with the Fit52Life, she didn’t want to write it from the perspective of a fitness expert who has all of life figured out. Instead, the American Idol alum wanted to share her own personal stories on her ongoing quest to be healthy, knowing that there were likely plenty of other people in her position of trying to obtain balance while juggling a busy life.

“We’ve been working on it a long time,” Underwood shared with her record label. “I’ve done a lot. I’ve tried a lot. I have a random life. I’m a working mom. I feel like that’s a lot of us in a nutshell, and I just kind of wanted to lay it all out –– here’s what works for me and hopefully people can get some ideas and implement some of it into their lives. It’s all about just trying to be your best and juggle.

“It’s the world we live in,” she continued. “Everybody’s juggling and trying to do it all, so hopefully people get some good ideas and tips and tricks in there. There’s recipes and exercises and stories and backstories and why I am the way I am, in the health and fitness portion of my life anyway.”

The 36-year-old previously shared the cover of Find Your Path on social media, which shows Underwood not in workout gear, but a flowing white dress.

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Underwood explains on the book’s website that Find Your Path is more about a lifestyle than a quick fix.

“I want to be healthy and fit 52 weeks of the year, but that doesn’t mean I have to be perfect every day,” Underwood noted. “This philosophy is a year-round common-sense approach to health and fitness that involves doing your best most of the time — and by that I don’t mean being naughty for three days and good for four. I mean doing your absolute best most of the time during every week, 52 weeks of the year.”

Underwood and her husband, Mike Fisher, along with their two children, Isaiah and Jacob, will enjoy some family time together to kick off 2020, since Underwood has yet to announce tour plans for 2020. Find Your Path is currently available for pre-order.

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