Carrie Underwood on Self-Care: “Sometimes Moments Do need to Be Wasted. You Need to Take a Breath and Stop.”

Carrie Underwood

When you think of Carrie Underwood, it’s easy to say, “now there’s a woman who has it all figured out.” The Muskogee, Oklahoma native is a country icon and devoted wife and mother-of-two, who seems to exhibit grace in juggling it all. Did we mention she also manages to find time to run a clothing line, CALIA by Carrie Underwood, too? But like all of us, maintaining a sense of balance in life is no easy feat for Underwood.

“Relaxing is so hard for me. If there’s one thing I do not do, it is waste a moment,” Underwood conceded to Parade in a recent interview in support of her new book Find Your Path: Honor Your Body, Fuel Your Soul, and Get Strong with the Fit52 Life, a guide to healthy living (fitness, diet, and mental health) with many personal stories and inspiration from Underwood’s life sprinkled in throughout.

“Sometimes moments do need to be wasted. You need to take a breath and stop. That is an area of self-care that I am awful at,” Underwood admits, reminding us that we all struggle with slowing down in an increasingly go-go-go culture. In the interview, Underwood continues to remind her fans to be realistic and honest with themselves. “No, I’m not going to puree my own peas or make my own hummus,” Underwood quips. “They have it at the store. You know what I do? I eat microwave burritos multiple times a week because they’re easy. It’s about finding those solutions and doing your best.”

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Certainly, if Underwood can enjoy a few guilt-free microwave burritos per week, we can all learn from her example and be kinder to ourselves when we’re in a crunch and don’t have time to cook. As for the fitness motivation, now that’s something we’re going to need to pick her new book up for and learn more about from this luminous Okie.

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