Carrie Underwood on New Vegas Residency: ‘It’s a Fun Show’ (Exclusive)

Carrie Underwood

After more than 66 million albums sold, with hits like “Last Name,” the breakup song “Before He Cheats,” and powerful anthems like “Blown Away,” Carrie Underwood is heading back to Las Vegas for her Reflection residency.

The eight-time Grammy winner will return to the Resorts World Theatre with a critically acclaimed production, and she took only “Extra’s” Alecia Davis behind the scenes for it.

“It’s got such a great energy,” Carrie said on what she loves about performing in Vegas. “I feel like the crowds show up from everywhere. Like, everybody’s already in a great mood, ready to have a blast. And, you know, hopefully we can add to that.”

Carrie’s first Reflection residency in 2021 was a huge hit. Asked what makes this show special, Carrie said it’s the location.

“I feel like when you’re in a gorgeous theater like this and you stay here, you can just do things that you can’t really do when you’re touring.

Carrie continued, “We have some bigger set pieces. It’s just nice playing a show and then going back up to your room.”

Fitness has always been important to the country star. Carrie says touring actually allows her to prioritize her workout regimen.

“I feel like any time I’m either on the road or here, I can be a little more dedicated to it because right now my children are not here. I don’t have a house to clean. I don’t have everybody else’s meals to cook or laundry to do. So, I can focus more on work and focus a little more on myself,” Carrie explained.

She added, “They’re going to come visit soon, so that’ll all be out the window!”

The “Jesus Take the Wheel” singer will also soon be hitting the road with Guns N’ Roses, having already performed with Axl Rose at the Stagecoach Festival last year.

“It definitely is just kind of a dream that I never could have dreamed because it’s just too massive,” Carrie told “Extra.”

First, though, Carrie is ready to return for another dream run in Sin City when her Vegas residency kicks off June 21.

“It’s a fun show. I know I have to say that, but we have a blast and I look out on the audience, and it seems like they have a blast every night.”
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