Carrie Underwood & Mike Fisher: Their Key to Marital Success

Carrie Underwood

Another power couple in Hollywood, Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher are vocal about their faith. In one of their home interviews by Oprah, the couple openly testified the crucial role of faith as a binding agent to marriage stability.

True enough, the two has stayed together for eight years since their marriage in 2010. As all marriages have their ups and downs, Carrie and Mike have remained steadfast. Using faith as their foundation, they braved all the storms that came their way. When rumors about potential divorce surfaces in the media, Mike was quick to shut it down. He assured their supporters that their relationship is still going strong.

How they Work Out Their Marriage
In Glamour Magazine’s interview with Carrie, she admitted that both their work schedules were demanding. For the most part, they’re forced to be away from each other. However, as both were raised Christians, they know how to safeguard their marriage. When together, they’ll start their day with morning prayers, go to church on Sundays, and attend bible study groups.

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They also took their affectionate expressions on social media. Often, Carrie and Mike post shoutouts about each other giving words of support and appreciation. But more than that, they wisely use their influence as “salt & light” in this age of increasing darkness.

Heaven Sent! Carrie & Mike Fisher’s “Little” Miracle
It was early August last year when the 35-year-old Country superstar shared the news of her pregnancy. Her fans rejoiced at Carrie’s announcement with the Instagram video garnering more than 400,000 likes. A month prior to the announcement, Carrie’s in one of her broken seasons in life. Three miscarriages took a toll on her. As God is compassionate, He showered favor to Carrie by granting her another child.

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