Carrie Underwood & Mike Fisher Reveal Faith Struggles during Their Attempts for a 2nd Child

Country star Carrie Underwood and her spouse, Mike Fisher went candid on the recent episode of their show as they opened up about fertility struggles and how their faith was tested.

Celebrity couple Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher’s latest talk on their “God & Country Show,” titled “The Wrestle” gave fans an in-depth look into the trying times when they tried severally to have more babies.

The pair looked radiant as they recalled the heartbreaking moments in their parenthood journey that rocked their faith a bit, while they kept believing in God for a miracle.

Fisher, who looked sharp in a checked shirt and jean trousers started by talking about the fact that their first pregnancy had been easy, and their son, Isaiah was born with ease.

[Underwood] shared that she cuddled up with her first child praying to God to spare her unborn baby’s life.

He noted that the rocky times began when he and Underwood tried for a second child. The star singer’s second pregnancy came easy like the first, but things went awry when she had a miscarriage.

There was also a second miscarriage when the couple tried the third time. Fisher, a former ice hockey pro, noted that he was angry at God as he could not fathom why they kept experiencing the heartbreaking development. He shared in his confessional:

“You pray and you pray and you pray. “Sometimes I think I’m guilty of expecting God to be a genie in a bottle. It’s not that. (You want to know) Why is this happening?…”

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Underwood while speaking about the traumatising effect of miscarriages shared that she never thought it could happen to her. However the fertility issue manifested for some time even when she kept on praying.

The “Just A Dream” singer and her spouse stated that they heard a godly declaration that they would become parents again, but the next pregnancy ended in a miscarriage yet again

At this point the couple was ready to give up on divine intervention, but they held on to hope. Underwood later got pregnant again and became fervent with her prayers. She shared about the life changing moment when she got worried again.

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The then-mom-of-one shared that she cuddled up with her first child praying to God to spare her unborn baby’s life. Soon as she visited the doctor, Underwood got pleasant news that everything was fine with the unbroken baby.

These days the star mom enjoys precious moments with Isaiah and the miracle baby, Jacob. Underwood would always reflect on her fertility struggles and zeal to keep up faith, but she is happy to have overcome those challenges.

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