Carrie Underwood & Mike Fisher Open Up About Parenthood And Their Multiple Miscarriages In New Series

Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher will be celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary this summer, and they are the proud parents of two little boys – Isaiah Michael, 5, and Jacob Bryan. The couple usually keeps their private lives away from cameras, but they recently got extremely candid about parenthood, their marriage, and their different opinions about everything from hunting to having kids in a new four-part web series titled Mike and Carrie: God & Country.

In the first episode, which was titled I Cry Easy, the duo talked about their differences and how that has affected their marriage and their family. Fisher never had doubts about being a dad, and he always knew he wanted a wife and kids of his own. However, Underwood wasn’t sure about becoming a mom because she was “never good with other people’s kids.” This made her question if she would be good with one of her own.

When the couple did welcome Isaiah in 2015, they both admitted to having very different reactions in the delivery room. Fisher said he remembers the moment after Isaiah was born, and it was just him and the baby. He says he was “just emotional as could be,” and it was “one of the greatest gifts ever.”

Fisher added that becoming a dad for the first time made him realize how much God loves us and the sacrifices that he made. Underwood, however, was scared to death.

“It’s just this tiny person that you’re just trying to keep alive in the beginning,” Underwood said with a laugh. “The first time I held Isaiah, I thought, ‘What did we do?’”

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Even though they are very different and have their share of conflict, Underwood says that she and Fisher get through it because they learn from each other. She says they have “spirited discussions” about things they disagree on, but at the end of the day they love each other very much.

“That’s where our faith comes in too,” Fisher added. “I think it gives us a center ground, where that’s the most important thing in anything.”

That faith will be on display during the next episode of the series when Underwood and Fisher recall going through three miscarriages in two years. In the preview for Episode 2, Fisher recalls when Underwood told him that she lost a pregnancy, and he says that they have had plenty of mountaintops, but not “a ton of valleys like this.”

Series producers John Humphrey and Jonah Ingram told Entertainment Tonight that Underwood and Fisher’s new series is a follow up to Fisher’s 2014 White Chair short film series in 2014, where he opened up about his professional hockey career, his personal life, and his faith in God.

“They are going to talk about some of the things that they rely upon in their marriage, things they rely upon when things are tough,” Humphrey said of the series. “We all go through the ups and downs of life, and they are no different. They are going to mention that and you’ll be able to hear it directly from them… they were both very into the interview. You could see the emotion.”

Ingram added that there were many emotional moments during the interview where he was glad that Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher were together, so they could hold hands and walk through it together.

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