Carrie Underwood, Mike Fisher Marriage Saved By COVID Quarantine?

One of American Idol’s most successful winners, Carrie Underwood has remained in the public eye ever since she won the reality show in 2005. One outlet reports that her ten-year marriage to Mike Fisher was recently in danger, only to be saved by the COVID-19 lockdown. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Lockdown Cage Match Saved Carrie’s Marriage’

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According to the National Enquirer, “country diva Carrie Underwood and hubby Mike Fisher have been gushing all over each other, but sources claimed they’ve worked 24/7 for months avoid a divorce.” An insider said that the two have “had very real problems that stretched back for years,” and “their issues never really got addressed head-on.” The two “were even talking divorce, but lockdown has done them both a world of good by forcing them to get to know each other all over again.”

The main issue in the marriage was that Underwood “doesn’t know the meaning of downtime.” Her workaholic tendencies meant that “she was constantly tired, and their intimacy suffered” as a result. The pandemic apparently came at the right time for Underwood and Fisher to work through their issues. The article concludes by saying that “they’re thrilled to be back on track, and Carrie’s enjoying their farm more than ever.”

What Were The Issues?

Much of this article is filled with quotes from Underwood about Fisher buying her cows for Christmas as evidence of the rekindled relationship. “They’re my favorite animal. I love them! They make me so happy,” Underwood said. These statements, which were originally from a recent interview with ET Canada, are significant because they’re the reason this story exists in the first place.

Underwood and Fisher did not work through their allegedly suffering intimacy because there was nothing to work through in the first place. The issues listed in this story were invented by this tabloid. It’s so-called “sources” are the same ones who’ve said the two would be breaking up all autumn.

It’s A Shift In A Bogus Narrative

This story is the Enquirer’s attempt at covering its tracks after months of bogus breakup stories. For months now, Gossip Cop has busted this tabloid’s claims that the two were cruising toward a breakup. In September, it reported that Fisher’s possible interest in an NHL coaching job meant that the marriage was falling apart. A few weeks later and Underwood’s ‘control freak’ tendencies were to blame for the allegedly dissolving marriage.

The most recent breakup story came around Thanksgiving when the tabloid said that Underwood was neglecting her family by working out too much. All of these stories came out during lockdown, which makes this latest claim look especially silly. Clearly, this tabloid has no legitimate insight into Underwood and Fisher’s marriage, and it’s now changing course because of Underwood’s public gushing. Underwood and Fisher are as close as ever and were never in danger of breaking up.

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