Carrie Underwood Might Not Have Married Her Husband, If Not for One Thing

Carrie Underwood

The Voice contestants were on the chopping block on Monday night (May 8) as the Top 14 contenders were whittled down to the Top 8 in what was the final Live Playoffs results episode of the season.

Holly Brand, the sole country singer representing Team Kelly Clarkson, was one of the eight who advanced during the grueling two-hour episode. She moved forward with fellow Team Clarkson’s D Smooth and Niall Horan’s selected Riley Tate and Gina Miles.
Brand made her moment count onstage, wowing coaches with a memorable rendition of Jo Dee Messina’s “Bring on the Rain” — a performance she dedicated to her brother, who is in the military.

Brand was, undoubtedly, in her wheelhouse as she owned the stage and proved her worth in the competition as a polished singer. Wearing a puff-sleeved blood-orange dress, she had the judges hooked with her effortless vocal control and ability to captivate with her emotion.

Afterward, judges gave their comments before Brand found out her fate in the Season 23 televised singing competition.

But how did Mike Fisher, Underwood’s husband, get her to fall in love with him?

“Persistence” Underwood admits with a giggle during her recent first-ever appearance on The Howard Stern Show.

Pressed for details, the country star points to her bassist, Mark Childers, behind her — he actually introduced her to her then-future hubby. Childers goes on to detail how he was very protective of Carrie, and Mike was trying to meet her backstage at the Grand Ole Opry, the biggest stage in country music.

“He wanted to meet Carrie behind stage at the Opry and I didn’t allow it, but, he kept trying for about a year and finally did at a meet and greet,” the bassist explains.

In the interview — which you can watch below — Underwood goes on to talk about how her husband is a fighter and never gives up.

“Just Google Mike Fisher hockey fights and you’ll see why he is secure in his manhood,” she says.

She reveals more details about her early stages of their relationship, saying how they met once, then talked on the phone for months before ever having a first date. The star insists that she and Mike aren’t big talkers, so the fact that they spent so much time on the phone meant something was clicking.

Underwood and her husband made it through some of their busiest days professionally, as he was playing in the NHL and she was touring as a country star, but they made it work. Now, they both enjoy their downtime in between her tours, on their property, where she enjoys growing fruits and vegetables, tending animals, and of course, raising their children.

The couple is very involved in philanthropy work, too — and they have their hands in more than 30 charities!

Underwood just finished her Denim & Rhinestones Tour. No word on when new music will come our way from her, but she will be featured in a duet on Cody Johnson’s upcoming album in 2023.

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