Carrie Underwood Makes More for Sunday Night Football Than Most Celebs Do in Their Lives

Carrie Underwood

Look, we all knew Carrie Underwood was rich. But some of us just did an exhaustive deep dive into her worth and have come here to say that you are NOT PREPARED (simply! not! prepared!) for how much money she has in the bank. Like, the amount she makes for her performances during the NFL season alone is bigger than most other celebrity net worths, okay? Let’s get into all the different ways Carrie makes her bucketloads of money, though FYI that side-effects of this article may include jealousy and the sudden need for a financial advisor.

How Much Did Carrie Underwood Make for American Idol?
Back in 2021, Newsweek reported that the winner of American Idol gets $125,000 when they sign their contract and another $125,000 when they complete their album. However! Winners earned even more—to the tune of $1 million—when the show was at its peak and producing big stars (no offense to everyone on the show right now), per the New York Times. Carrie won American Idol during season 4, so it seems safe to assume she took home about this much!

She’s Topped Multiple Forbes Lists
Let’s just dive right in, shall we?

Between June 2006 to June 2007, Carrie earned $7 million in salaries, winnings, endorsement deals, and royalties (pre tax!).

She then earned $14 million in 2008, thanks in part to selling 9.6 million albums.

Carrie took home another $13 million in 2010, which is honestly nothing compared to what she made the next year….

In 2011? Forbes reported Carrie earned $20 million thanks to 83 concert dates in 12 months.

Carrie earned slightly less in 2012, by which I mean a full $5 million. But then? Then 2013 hit.

2013 was perhaps Carrie’s most profitable year, when she earned $31 million thanks to playing 100 shows and her album Blown Away going platinum.
Carrie Has Made a Ton on Tour
She’s done several headlining tours over the years, but her biggest money makers? The Play On tour (which brought in $18.4 million), the Blown Away tour (which earned $29.2 million), the Storyteller tour (which earned well over $56 million), and the Cry Pretty tour (which made almost $900k per night).

Obviously, a lot of that money goes to overhead and venue fees, but a lot of it also goes straight into Carrie’s pocket.

Her Engagement Ring Is Worth $150,000
What you’re looking at here is a casual 12 carats of diamonds, no bigs.

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She’s Made Millions in Endorsements

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Carrie has earned not just millions but “tens of millions” from endorsements with major brands including TargetNintendo, and OPI—to name a few. Plus, Carrie launched a fitness brand with Dick’s Sporting Goods. She knows! Her audience!

She Has a Major Sunday Night Football Contract

Carrie has been the official Sunday Night Football performer for literal years, and there are wild reports that she earns $1 million per week (or $18 million per season). Unclear if that’s accurate, but…🤯

So, What Is Carrie Underwood’s Total Net Worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Carrie’s net worth is $140 million. Speechless. Literally without words. Goodbye.*

*Actually, I lied, coming back to say that Carrie fully intends to give most of her money away. As she put it to Self, “I want to give more back. Before I die, I want to get rid of all my money. Recently, I started a foundation to benefit my hometown. I’m looking forward to doing a lot of good for a community that’s a big part of why I am who I am.”