Carrie Underwood Loves I Prevail

If you’re familiar with country/pop star Carrie Underwood’s work at all, it’s likely this mega-hit (which, to be clear, is an absolute banger of a jam):

Or perhaps you remember her winning American Idol back in 2005:

Chances are you do not associate Underwood, whose music often carries heavy-handed Christian themes, with this:

But that’s precisely what Underwood copped to loving in a recent interview with CBS Sunday Morning. In a clip that has since gone viral on TikTok, the country singer reveals her preferred workout music of choice is metal, specifically Trauma, the second and most recent studio album by Michigan new-school metalcore purveyors I Prevail. Double props for being an album person; even I only know I Prevail’s hits and I do this for a living!

The country star explained (with interjections from the interviewer removed):

“Working out I honestly listen to like, metal or super hard rock music. I like the band I Prevail. And their ‘Trauma’ album is one that I have on repeat when I’m working out. There’s a lot of not-children-friendly words on it. That’s important to note. But I’m like, ‘Don’t go buy, you know, [my Christian record] My Savior and then go buy ‘Trauma’ and be like, ‘Carrie Underwood told me to.’”

You heard the woman: fans of Underwood’s Christian music should immediately rush out to the store or their internet music retailer of choice and buy some metal! Go go go!

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You can watch the interview clip below.

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